Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

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  • $25 for 2 hoursIMG_20190712_152634523-2
  • $40 for half day (4 hours) 
  • $65 for full day (24 hours – overnight) 
  • $295 for weekly rental
  • Additional $30 per day after weekly rate

The easiest way to get on the water is a stand up paddle board! Six boards are available at our shop to use on the downtown beach, next to the Beach Club. You can paddle and float in the harbor (stay clear of the ferry!) or venture down the shoreline towards Joni’s Beach and further onto Grants Point.  If you have a vehicle, you have the option take your paddle board rental anywhere on the island!

We also have four boards at Big Bay Town Park. You will be given a key to access a paddle board from the Adventure Vacations storage rack next to 20150725_171532 (2)the Lagoon boardwalk. Take the board along the shore and enjoy the beautiful views of Big Bay!

Rentals include a paddle, and a required life jacket for your designated rental period. All items must be returned promptly to the Beach Shop at the end of your rental period.   

For rental reservations, please book online through our reservation system. 

Paddle Board Rentals FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers):

Are advance reservations required?

  • No, advance reservations are not required however many days all boards are rented so if you want to ensure an available board, a reservation is recommended.

Are the times stated while making a reservation the only available times available?

  • We schedule our days around the flow of these check out and check in times, however given special circumstances we possibly can accommodate other timing.

If you are renting a paddle board from the Town Park, how is your rental time period calculated?

  • You are given an extra 45 minutes for drive time to/from the Beach Shop to the Town Park. For instance, if your rental is for 4 hours at 9am, the key needs to be returned by 1:45pm for the next scheduled rental at 2pm. 

 Do you deliver boards?

  •  Unfortunately we do not.

Do you have used boards for sale?

  • Yes, we typically have a few used boards for sale. Inquire at the shop or by email:!

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