Island Sightseeing Boat Rides

Boat Tours for the 2021 Season will start June 12, 2021!

3 Hour Devils EXPRESS Boat Ride – $110 per person* 

 Just want to see the sea caves up close but don’t have the time? This tour is for you! This tour is spent exclusively in the boat and takes you right out to see the Sea Caves on Devils Island! During the tour you will also have a chance to see Raspberry Island with its adorable lighthouse, the Fedora shipwreck, the Manitou Island Fish Camp, and countless rock formations along the way! Schedule this tour in the calm, cool morning, right after lunch, or in the evening in order to see the beautiful sunset over the lake!

 4 Hour Devils Island Boat Ride – $130 per person*

Some of the best caves are on Devils Island!!  This boat ride brings you right out to Devils Island to see the sea caves and if the water is calm enough, your captain will even pull the boat into one of the caves.  During the route you will get to see Honeymoon Rock, Hermit Island Rock formations, Manitou Fish Camp and many other scenic vistas. If time allows, this tour will include a stop on an island and a bit of beach combing or touring of a historic location.  

*Prices for Small Group Tours: We require a 4 person minimum per tour to head out, but, due to COVID-19, only one group is allowed on the boat for each tour. The prices below are for family/traveling groups with less than 4 people. 

3 hour Devils Express for 1-3 people – $375 per group

4 hour Devils Island Boat Ride for 1-3 people – $450 per group


Start Your Boat Tour Reservation

What Will Happen After You Register

  After you send in your registration, our email system will receive your information. We will then be communication with you through email to confirm your tour type and date. Our confirmation process  includes an invoice for a 50% deposit to reserve your spot on our calendar. We will send instructions on how to pay your deposit and complete the client info section of our registration form, which provides us with physical information for each individual on the tour. This information is critical for us to ensure safety on all of our tours. Once we have received your deposit, we will send you a confirmation document with information about tour time, date, and remaining payment. The day before your tour, we will call to officially confirm the time of your tour and touch base regarding the weather on your departure date. Service on the island is spotty. If you will not be in service in the afternoon-evening of that day, please give us a call so we can be aware and confirm when you will be in service or feel free to stop in at our shop when you arrive on the island. 

Departure Time 

Departure time will be decided based on daily registration and weather. Typically, morning tours begin at 9am and afternoon tours will begin at 3pm. Please disregard the initial time it states when you register online. Our email responses and phone calls after you send in your registration will specify the official time. You will also get a call the day before your tour to finally confirm time. If you will not be in service the evening before your tour, please contact us when you will have service or stop in at our shop that day during our store hours. (Our shop hours are 9am-8pm Mon-Sat and 9am-6pm on Sunday)

Tour time is also subject to weather, which may need to be accommodated the night before or the day of your tour. We use 21-24 ft power boats, so we are subject to weather conditions. 

Weight Disclaimer

For boat tours, honesty about your weight is imperative for life jackets and weight displacement on our powerboats. 

If the weather is cool and you wish to wear a wet-suit, be aware that our largest size is a Men’s XXL, and that wet-suits are very tight garments and tend to run several sizes too small. 

Once again, it is VERY important to BE HONEST with your weight. This is for life jacket fitting and weight displacement on the boat, not to mention your safety and that of our guides/captains.


Dogs are allowed on tours however they require a check in with all the participants on board, to make sure all clients are dog friendly. Dogs also require a “sniff” test to see if they will cause a big stink on the boat. Dogs under 50 pounds will be an additional fee of $15. Dogs 50 pounds and above take up a whole seat on our boats and will cost $60 per dog for the boat ride. Large breeds not allowed on board (Great Danes, Mastiffs, etc). Please note there is no kennel service on the island so plan ahead for your tour.