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Boat & Kayak Tour Descriptions

Devils Island Sea Caves

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These tours include the luxury of a power boat to travel into the islands (up t0 ~30 miles out) and the adventure of paddling the sea caves in an inflatable kayak (optional). All trips include a US Coast Guard Captain, boat gas, life jackets and use of the inflatable kayaks. Your Captain will tell you about the islands, and their history and the geology of the area. Trips depart at variable times based upon the group or matching people based upon interest of the tour. We go out with a minimum of 4 people per boat and a maximum of 6 per boat, multiple boats are available per day. Only one full day tour (6-7 hours) will be allowed per day.  We match individuals, couples or groups of families or friends in order to make departure group sizes. People who take our tours are typically like-minded individuals, so typically there are no worries in the matching process.  Please let us know if you have special requirements (i.e. no children, no pets, no waves) and we will ensure to match your fellow participants accordingly.  Our maximum group size is 6 people per boat but we have multiple boats that can travel together. Departures can be from Madeline Island or Bayfield, WI.  You bring your snacks, food/beverages (please no glass!), personal items and we will provide you an amazing time! 

4 Hour Island Tour – $110 per person 

Once aboard we boat past Basswood and Hermit Islands on our way to Stockton Island. At Stockton, there are two choices for your tour. Either docking at Presquav_route4e Isle, where you will take a short hike to Julian Bay, also known as ‘Singing Sands Beach’ – your toes will never forget the feel and the sound of the sands! The second option is for those who love to kayak! If you’d rather be in the water, we will boat to the east shoreline of Stockton where we kayak next to the wondrous caves, towering sea stacks and cliffs. These are amazing sights you will not forget. Time permitting, we will head over to the Twin Tower Lighthouses of Michigan Island and learn about light keepers from years ago before heading back to Madeline or Bayfield.

5 Hour Island Tour – $130 per person

This is our most popular tour – shipwreck, light house and sea caves! After we pass Basswood Island, we view the Fedora Shipwreck – it’s been under water for over a hundred years. Then we pass Hermit and Oak Island on our way to view the historic Raspberry av_route5Lighthouse.  After the lighthouse we get to the Sand Island sea caves. Pillar after pillar, room after room you can kayak through the million year old sand stone. On our return route, we will do an inter-island tour where you can lay your eyes on almost all the islands. A stop at the historic Manitou Fish Camp will enchant you with fisherman stories from a century ago. This tour is a memorable, amazing experience for a family and people of all ages.

6 Hour Tour – $150 per person – NEW! *

See this often overlooked side of the Apostles. We’ll start by taking you past abandoned island quarries and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStockton’s picturesque shoreline. Then to Cat Island’s hidden coves and rock walls. Groups may choose to kayak along Cat or put in at the Outer Island Lagoon. Weather permitting, we will visit the Outer Island Lighthouse, most remote of all, looming 200 feet above the lake. Your captain will tell the tale of the ill-fated Pretoria, resting in 50’ of water since 1905, and the daring rescue of half of her crew. Alternatively, in adverse conditions, the Twin Towers high above Michigan Island may be visited. Recently renovated, these lights haven’t looked so good in a hundred years. Finally, after a short visit to the southern sand-spit on Outer (where an old wood tug rests wrecked in the sands), we’ll head past the Devil’s Cauldron cliff face on Madeline, then back along her northern shore enjoying the setting sun over the Bayfield horizon. The age limit for this tour is 8 years old. 

7 Hour Full Island Tour – $170 per person *av_route7
The most amazing of all adventure boating lies in this trip! The opportunity to see all the highlights of all the islands, including the renowned, best of the best – Devils Island sea caves!! Everything mentioned in the 4 and 5 hour tours is included…Fedora Shipwreck, Raspberry Lighthouse, Manitou Fish Camp, and Stockton Island ‘Singing Sands’. Kayaking or sightseeing Devils Island is a premium opportunity; they are the most impressive sea caves in the archipelago.  On Devil’s Island you not only have a chance to paddle through the most impressive sea caves in the country, but also to climb Devil’s Island Lighthouse and get a bird’s eye view of all the other islands.  This trip will leave you awe-inspired by the majesty of the Apostle Islands. The age limit for this tour is 8 years old. 


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* Please note a gratuity for captains is not included in the trip price. Due to the nature of our tours, a 10% gratuity for captains is recommended. *

What Will Happen After You Register

  After you send in your registration, our email system will receive your information. We will then be communication with you through email to confirm your tour type and date. This will also include an invoice and instructions on how to pay your 50% deposit and enter in participant physical information. Once you pay the deposit, we will send you a confirmation document with information about tour time, date, and remaining payment. The day before your tour, we will be giving you a call to officially confirm the time of your tour. Service on the island is spotty. If you will not be in service in the afternoon-evening of that day, please give us a call so we can be aware and confirm when you will be in service or feel free to stop in at our shop when you arrive on the island. 

Tour Time 

Tour time will be decided based on daily registration and weather. Typically, morning tours begin at 9am and afternoon tours will begin at 3pm. Full day tours will start at 9am or 10am. Please disregard the initial time it states when you register online. Our email responses and phone calls after you send in your registration will specify the official time. You will also get a call the day before your tour to finally confirm time. If you will not be in service the evening before your tour, please contact us when you will have service or stop in at our shop that day during our store hours. (Our shop hours are 9am-8pm Mon-Sat and 9am-6pm on Sunday)

Tour time is also subject to weather, which may need to be accommodated the night before or the day of your tour. We use 21-24 ft power boats, so we are subject to weather conditions. 

Full Day Tours

 Only one Full Day tour (6-7 hour tours) will be sent out per day. We will contact you if there is already a full day tour booked that day and see if there is an alternate date you would be willing to go out on.

  Please Note: The age limit for a full day tour is 8 years old. There are limited stops on our tours, so children older than 8 also need to be able to sit on a boat for around half the time of the tour and then kayaking in the tour. 

Weight Disclaimer

Weight limits on kayaks vary but are as follows:

For inflatable tandem kayaks (Advanced Elements Straitedge 2) the weight limit is 500 lbs for the combined weight of two people, and the width of the kayak is 35″.  This is due to the product specifications of our kayaks.  All kayaks that are made have weight limitations.  If you make a paid reservation over the phone, we will inform you of this weight limit.  It is very important to be honest and not to exceed this weight limit.  If you show up for your reservation and you are over the weight limitations, you will be unable to kayak.

Please also keep in mind that you will have to be able to lift yourself in and out of the kayak to exit and enter the powerboat in open water. If you are unable to do so, the situation becomes dangerous for both you and the captain.  

If the weather is cool and you wish to wear a wet-suit, be aware that our largest size is a Men’s XXL, and that wet-suits are very tight garments and tend to run several sizes too small. 

Once again, please make sure you do not exceed any of our limitations that are specified above.  This is for your safety and for the longevity and structural integrity of our kayaks.  Damage done to any kayaks due to the misuse or exceeding any limits explained will be at your expense.  

Once again, it is VERY important to BE HONEST with your weight. This is for life jacket fitting and weight displacement on the boat and kayaks. 


Dogs are allowed on tours however they require a check in with all the participants on board, to make sure all clients are dog friendly. Dogs also require a “sniff” test to see if they will cause a big stink on the boat. Dogs 15 pounds and under will be an additional fee of $15. Dogs between 15 and 49 pounds will have a $30 fee. Dogs 50 pounds and above take up a whole seat on our boats and will cost $60 per dog for the boat ride. Large breeds not allowed on board (Great Danes, Mastiffs, etc) If the dog is not largest breed but over the size of a standard lab, please give our shop a call and we will determine based on dog description. Please note there is no kennel service on the island so plan ahead for your tour. 

* this tour is considered a full day tour. Only one full day tour will be sent out per day due to captain availability. Bookings are first come first serve.