Big Bay Sea Caves


Big Bay State Park Sea Caves 

$60 per person – No Experience Necessary!20140820_105206

Our Madeline Island kayak tour begins at Big Bay State Park, nearly 7 miles out of the “downtown” area of La Pointe and lasts ~3 hours, with a total paddling distance of about 3 miles.  When you arrive at Big Bay State Park, your guide will meet you with the kayaks ready to go and after a short introduction to the area, paddling instructions, and safety procedures, you will hit the water!  The tour begins with a paddle along the point of the State Park on Madeline Island.  Once around the point you will start seeing majestic sandstone rock faces rise out of the water and begin exploring the sea caves of Madeline Island.  At this time, depending on group size and weather, there may be a possibility to stop and take a short break out of the kayaks. After the break we will continue the way we came and  head back to our starting point at the State Park beach. 

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Dogs are not allowed on our Big Bay Kayak Tour 


Participants must be under 6’3″. Participants over 6’3″  will not be able to fit into the cockpit of the kayaks. 

The combined weight of kayak partners must be under 400-420 lbs (We have one kayak that can handle up to 575 lbs, please ask for availability)

The cockpit of the kayaks are 17 1/2 ” wide and 9 1/2 ” deep. 

These restrictions are due to the product specifications of our kayaks.  All kayaks that are made have weight limitations.  If you make a paid reservation over the phone, we will inform you of this weight limit.  It is very important to be honest and not to exceed this weight limit.  If you show up for your reservation and you are over the weight limitations, you will be unable to kayak.

If the weather is cool and you wish to wear a wet-suit, be aware that our largest size is a Men’s XXL, and that wet-suits are very tight garments and tend to run several sizes too small. 

Once again, please make sure you do not exceed any of our limitations that are specified above.  This is for your safety and for the longevity and structural integrity of our kayaks.  Damage done to any kayaks due to the misuse or exceeding any limits explained will be at your expense.