Island Hiking Tours

dsc03505Some of the most amazing sites, historic remnants and preserved natural wild-lands are accessible by foot on several of the Apostle Islands.  On these tours we boat directly to the island of interest for the designated hike and then allow plenty of time to explore the trail.  Sometimes, hiking an island can be good option island archipelago experience when it is too windy for kayaking in the sea caves.  Or consider adding time to one of our standard tour to include a hike.  All tours require a 4 person minimum so sometimes it is hard to match people together for hiking tours because of the variety of options, so we have weekly group hikes offered several times throughout the year.

  • Stockton – Tombolo Trail, $65 per person, ~5 hours
  • Stockton – Quary Bay Hike
  • Oak – Overlook Hike
  • Sand – Lighthouse, Historic remnants
  • Michigan Island –  Lighthouse and overlook trail
  • Devils Island
  • Outer Island – Historic lumber camp


2017 Group Hike Dates and Islands:

  • Wed, May 17, 10am to ~3pm, Stockton Island Tombolo Trail
  • Thurs, May 25, 10am to ~4pm, Oak Island, Overlook Hike


Full Hike Descriptions:

Stockton – Tombolo Trail, $65 per person, 3.8 miles, ~3 hours hiking, ~5 hour tour:  The trail starts at the Presque Isle docks, winds along the campsites which line the beach and then turns into the fdsc02067orest.  The forest varies with sections of hardwoods, softwoods, fields of moss, wildflowers and mushrooms.  Then it opens up into an expansive bog with a simple boardwalk to cross.  The bog is held in by sand dunes which slope down into Lake Superior on the acclaimed Singing Sands Beach.  The beach brings you back to the forest which leads back to the boat dock.  Trail typically takes ~3 hrs, plus it is nice to have time on the beach.



More hike descriptions and prices to be added during the 2016/17 winter.  For further inquiries or to register for one of these tours, please call 715-747-2100.